About Florence Western Medical Clinic

Mission & Values

Our Vision

Here at Medicina Familiar Medical Group, our vision is to provide excellent quality of care to you and your family. Our belief is to keep families healthy and by doing that we're keeping the community healthy. We see our patients not just as individuals, but like they're a part of our family. Being a part of our family means being able to feel at ease because we're going to take care of you. We want to be the difference in community by providing the best healthcare.

Our Mission

  • To provide the best quality of care for families in our community.
  • To better the lives of all families within our community.
  • To assist families in living healthy lives.
  • To reduce obesity and diabetes within our community.
  • To educate and inform on family planning and wellness.
  • Our Staff

    Pacoima Team

    Canoga Park Team